Bikini Tranny

It's time to show you some more pics of my favorite ladyboy: Joy. In this set Joy can be seen wearing a spiffy pink bikini. Her smooth female curves look very convincing inside the swimming dress. I am pretty sure she would turn a lot of heads would she be seen on the beach or at poolside of a luxurious hotel. What a nice surprise it would pose if she would get a boner in her panties. I guess that's why she takes them off so fast. A couple of guys told me that they think Joy is the most beautiful ladyboy in Thailand. This could very well be as she is a top trophy for every tranny hunter.

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Shemale Forum

What are the best places to get actual info on the ladyboy scene in Thailand and the rest of Asia? I would say your best bet are communities that offer member interaction over message boards such as a forum software where members post topics with questions and answers and where they share opinions and even media such as ladyboy photos and movies. I have compiled a small list of shemale forum sites that help to gather more information in case you plan a trip to Asia:

Shemale Forum - a global forum about locations where to meet shemale escorts from all over the world. It's steadily growing although not as active at certain times.
The Ladyboy Forum - Very active board about the LB jetset in Bangkok. I think it is largely supported by Stoogie, the owner of AsianTS. You see a lot of LB porn stars in images on this board.
Ladyboys Pattaya - A rather new LB forum about the TS trade in seedy Pattaya. Read about new LB bars before they open.

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Upon registration you receive access to the boards for free and for exchange of opinions with seasoned ladyboy experts

Asian TS

It's one of the oldest Asian shemale sites on the net with vast archives of Ladyboys from Thailand: Asian TS. This megasite is an absolute must visit for lovers of petite ladyboys from Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Together with Grooby's Ladyboy-Ladyboy it is not just one of the oldest, but also one of the largest shemale sites on the net. Whenever you have a chance to travel to Thailand for a vacation and you happen to meet up with a sexy Ladyboy from the bars chances are they have been previously featured on Asian TS. Even post-op kathoeys who have had complete sexual reassignment surgery (gender change) will be proud to tell you that yhey have posed for Asian TS years ago when they still had an additional member between their legs. Time flies and even ladyboys get older. It's a couple of years ago that I have looked inside their site, I think it was in 2000 or 2001, and the amount of girls and steady updates was very impressive even back then. I can just imagine how much more content must be present on this shemale megasite, but the numbers are impressive as they state over 1060 active Asian shemale models. I can highly recommend this site. It's really one of the few sites that is worth the money that you have to pay to become a member.

shemale sonya
Ladyboy Sonya is one of the newest additions to AsianTS in July 2008. The site updates every day with new videos and shemale photos from Thailand.

Ladyboy Pussy

We all like the ladyboys because of the interesting mix of feminine figure, cheeky characters and their cocks, but most of us are a bit scared of the total trannies: the so called post-ops. I remember sitting in King's Castle 3, a post-op ladyboy bar with totally converted ladyboys in Bangkok's Patpong red-light district, a few years back and there was this absolutely gorgeous fresh post op named Joy. We talked a bit and she asked me: 'do you want to see my pussy?' Why not! So she showed me her fresh girlie bits. She was freshly operated 2 months ago and said she needed to wait another month before she could have sex as a women. She giggled and held her hand in front of her face to pretend innocence and shyness: 'I am a virgin!' I was very tempted to see her again, but I lost track of her and when visiting King's Castle again I was told she was about to get married. Damn! Ever since I never had any more desire to meet up with a post-op until a few days ago, when I stumbled upon a fresh website: Ladyboy Pussy! It's the first site of it's kind that is devoted to ladyboys turned into females with their cocks cut off and sexually reassigned. I have to have a closer look at another post-op soon!

Ladyboy Pussy
Jenny, a Thai ladyboy with completed sex change. You can take a little peek at her surgically created vagina between her endless legs.

Lovely Wawa

Close your eyes and describe a perfect pre-op ladyboy, try to make a drawing of her in your mind? Now, open your eyes and look at the photos of Wawa? Pretty close, right?! Well, I think the real life Wawa looks better than any ladyboy dream come true. She is just so perfect. All proportions are 100% correct and made like from a devine recipe of shemale gene cuisine.
I Guess you have seen her images on Ladyboy Gold. I thought that's all there is about this Pattaya ladyboy, but I found out that she can also be seen on other sites like on Ladyboy-Ladyboy, who even publish a free gallery of her as a feeder. The gallery shows her starting out in street clothes and getting naked to show her gorgeous Asian tranny body with perfectly shaped boobs, large nipples and hard cock. Absolutely delicious! Would't you like to give her a try? Do it and you will be surprised!

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Whip Cream Trannies

Ladyboys Cartoon and Fear love sweet things. While I offered them drinks they took a look into my refrigerator and they discovered a bottle that looked like a soda syphon. I told them it's whip cream, you wanna try? Fear was curious and sucked on the bottle while holding down the trigger. The whip cream shot right into her mouth with high pressure. She loved the orgasmatic invasion of pure sweetnes. I said it's not nice to drink out of a bottle and excused myself because all my dishes were dirty. How about licking the cream off of her Ladyboy friend Cartoon? Sure!. They went ahead and I took a couple of pics of them licking whip cream from their body parts. Cartoon actually got pretty horny and had goose boobs on her skin, stiff nipples and her dick was starting to get hard as well. Enjoy these fine Ladyboy nudes. BTW, I just found some earlier pix of Cartoon on LB69. This gorgeous LB is getting more feminine from day to day - awesome!

fear fear fear fear fear


Ladyboy69 aka LB69 is one of the biggest Asian shemale porn sites on the net. The surprising part about this site is it's fast growth. It is just 4 or 5 years old and has ever since been producing new updates with some of the most stunning Thai ladyboy models. Most other sites do well for a year or two and they just repeat their old content, but LB69 keeps coming up with fresh stuff every week. When you visit Bangkok's top ladyboy bars virtually all of the T-girls will admit to have modeled for LB69 at a certain point of their career. One of their most outstanding models is Mint. This gorgeous Kathoey is shaped like a feminine top babe with large breasts and a slim figure. The size of her ladyboy cock is tremendous. It can very well compete with a African monster cock of a Masai warrior. If you don't believe me, see her gallery where she sucks her own cock. She is flexible, but the only reason she can suck her own dick until she comes is the large size of her errected penis.

ladyboy mint
Mint is a Thai tranny with a very big ladyboy cock. She can be seen on LB69 sucking her own cock and she does hardcore, too. Image courtesy of

Nude Ladyboy Boxer


A friend of mine runs a mail order business for boxing equipment in the US. He asked me to shoot a few pics of a topless lady holding up boxing gloves for display. Okay, I said to myself, let's surprise my American friend. I asked ladyboy Joy to pose for me with some boxing gloves. That's just what she did and I had 2 images of her. One of her topless with the TopTen boxing gloves where you just see her upper body and the other one showed her full body. The first day I sent the topless image to my friend. He was all enthusiastic, thanked me for the pic and said that he and his friends are 100% certain that Joy is the most beautiful Thai girl they have ever seen in their life. I smiled and emailed him the second image where you could see her whole body including the little difference between her legs. Man, he was surprised! He said, that in all honesty him and his friends would have never thought that Joy could be a tranny. I knew, this would be a funny story!

ladyboy boxer topten boxing gloves
The first image looked like Joy was a real Thai girl The second image with a little surprise

Beautiful LB Moo

A beautiful Ladyboy, who became famous by performing for Ladyboy Gold is blondie Moo. The Pattaya based Thai ladyboy modeled for one of our photographers long before she was discovered as a model as we used her images for advertisement of a shemale chat site. It's lovely to see that she has made a great career and became famous around the globe as one of the most beautiful online TS models. As you can see in our gallery description, we did not even know how to write her name properly as we wrote 'Muu' rather than 'Moo'. The images of her in this set are about 2 years old. back then she was very shy. If you want to meet up with her, try to visit Jenny Star Bar on Pattaya's Walking Street and ask for Moo. Chances are you will meet her and be able to have a drink with her.

moo moo moo ladyboy moo ladyboy moo

Hung Nancy from Ladyboy-Ladyboy

Pre-op Kathoeys usually have small to normal sized ladyboy cocks, but Nancy from Ladyboy-Ladyboy is an absolute big cock champion. Her tool is thick like a tree and long like a pole. Absolutely incredible. I have no words for it except that she is a bit flat chested, but when you see her in street clothes you would have no idea that she has such a monster cock under her short skirt. It would be a nice challenge to get a chance to make her horny and hard one day. I will try to find out where to meet her and will report back about it, soon!

big ladyboy dick
One of the best hung Thai kathoeys from Nancy. Click the pic to see more of her.

Perfect Ladyboys

It's a new generation of ladyboy hardcore that can be observed on Perfect Ladyboys. Top notch Canadian camera man Vin Cross, who has won an AVN award for Best Ethnic-Themed Release - Asian Title in 2008, teamed up with 21sextury to produce some of the best and most sophisticated Asian shemale hardcore site on the net. The site features ladyboy hardcore that is harder and more extreme than what you have seen on 'normal' Asian tranny sites so far. A lot of famous ladyboys mix up with fresh cocks-girls and demand the last drip of cum from their male partners. Have a look at Monna, she is a real top notch shemale in action!

Perfect Ladyboy
Thai ladyboy Monna is one of the cutest LBs on Perfect Ladyboy. She engages in very hard anal sex.

Dianne TS

Dianne from Cebu is a new Filipino ladyboy on the block. She is rather tall for a Filipino standing 5'6" with perfect measurements of 36b-24-35. Filipino baklas have round curves, that's what separates them from other Asian shemales who have less meat in their butt. Dianne is offering escort services in Cebu, a beautiful city in the south of the Philippines, aka as the Visayas. You will probably get a heart attack when you look at the rates she is trying to charge for her services. She wants to have about twice as much for one hour than most ladyboys ask for an entire night. Well, she is cute, so she will certainly find a lot of rich guys who are willing to pamper her for whatever she asks for. She travels to Singapore a lot, so you may hook up for a date with her on Orchard Road. Ah, you wanna see her nude? She is also modeling for Asian shemale sites like Asian TS and PI Ladyboy.

Filipina TS Dianna
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Ladyboy Supermodel

May from Bangkok became famous on the internet, because she was the first Thai Kathoey with an escort site. She would offer escort services and be a tour guide for tourists visiting Thailand. According to her escort page she is no longer available, but she started her own Shemale site May Bangkok XXX (site expired). Her new site is a paysite that shows May from her glamorous angle wearing expensive lingerie and performing in fetish uniforms. The images on the tour are good looking, but airbrushed. For the price of around 25$ she promises exclusive photos and videos as well as love letters and digital wallpapers for members. Recurring members will receive a discount from the second month of their membership as it will drop to 22$.

may bangkok
Bangkok Ladyboy May posing in expensive lingerie. Courtesy of:

Busty LB

Fear is the name of this unique ladyboy. Don't be scared about her name, she is very friendly and does not bite! She has been working at an office job and studied at university to finish with a degree in English. Fear is probably the most intelligent ladyboy in Bangkok. To our knowledge she has never been published on a ladyboy site before, but may appear on a new site called Tranny Photo Collection that is scheduled to be open in fall 2008. In the meantime enjoy her free images on this shemale gallery that shows her in very tasteful nudes. Fair is no longer active in this field as she has had a full gender change and found a nice boyfriend. We wish her good luck :-)

fear ladyboy fear ladyboy fear ladyboy fear nude fear

Tranny Cams

Sometimes you need to dig real deep to find good online ladyboys for a naughty online chat or live sex show. Asian Babe Cams is a huge chat platform for girls and couples. Just very few people know that they have a lot of ladyboy camgirls online! They are just hard to find. You need to use the navigation bar on the top and select our models. You are prompted with a survey of all available categories. On the left bottom you find a link to Transsexual Cams. Once you click on that link you will see chat windows with a lot of Filipino bakla and Thai shemales. You better bookmark the category, because each time you want to change to another performer you will be sent back to their index page that lists a couple of hundred girls first. You would need to scroll down all the way to the bottom to find the shemale camgirls.

transsexual camgirl transsexual camgirl

Christina is a Filipino cam tranny. Her performer name is Pornbaby. She has a dream to star in a shemale hardcore movie.

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